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Arizona's Choice for Legal Document Preparation!

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About Us

Legal process overwhelming? Let us help you.
All paralegals are not created equal...
Paralegals work for attorneys and are not legally permitted to prepare legal documents without attorney supervision. In other words, a regular paralegal works only for attorneys and cannot be in business for himself/herself or he/she is engaging in the unauthorized practice of law.
Independent paralegals are certified by the Arizona Supreme Court and are called Certified Legal Document Preparers (CLDP's). Only paralegals who have been certified by the Arizona Supreme Court may lawfully prepare legal documents for the public without attorney supervision! 
Don't just choose any paralegal--the paralegal must be certified with the Arizona Supreme Court and designated as an Arizona Certified Legal Document Preparer to be authorized to prepare legal documents for the public!

Arizona's Choice for Legal Document Preparation!

Why hire a paralegal that is a Certified Legal Document Preparer? What is that?

Our paralegals have been working in the legal field since 1988 and are certified by the Arizona Supreme Court. In approximately 2002, the lawyers and the State Bar of Arizona wanted to reinstate the Unauthorized Practice of Law (UPL) statute that had sunsetted (lapsed) in the 1980's. The document preparers would have lost their businesses and the people would have lost their access to affordable legal services. The document preparers picketed the State Bar Convention and the Institute for Justice got involved. The State Bar of Arizona struck a deal and filed a petition to amend Rule 31 to allow an exception to the UPL (Rule 31) of the  Supreme Court for legal document preparers who became certified by the Arizona Supreme Court.  

In 2003, the Arizona Supreme Court found that the members of the public needed access to the legal system and were often not able to afford hiring an attorney. Chief Justice Charles E. Jones signed the Administrative Order and the initial certification of document preparers began on July 1, 2003. 

We do not represent clients in court, and we do not give legal advice. We are able to give general legal information and may tell you about various procedures and some of your options.

Certified legal document preparers ("CLDP's") meet the educational and professional experience criteria set forth by the Arizona Supreme Court, and must re-certify every two years. Each year, CLDP's take 10 hours of Continuing Legal Education to keep up with the changes in procedure and the law. 

Don't just hire any paralegal - a paralegal who is not certified is not allowed to prepare legal documents without attorney supervision. A paralegal who is not certified is acting outside the law. 

Our independent paralegals have been certified since the inception of the Supreme Court Certification!

We're Here for You. 

We are ready and anxious to assist you with your legal matter. Please call or email us today to request an Intake Packet so that we can obtain the information relative to your case. Email here!
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"You do a great job and you're a sweet sweet soul. I appreciate it.  Thanks for following up and checking on us!"


"Thanks for making this upsetting time manageable for us and showing us the steps for this court process.  You're the best!"

The price was right and the documents were very professional.  I like your website also."


"Great service!  We will definitely refer you to everyone we know!"

"I'm so glad I found you!”


"Your firm's mediation services saved me - our divorce could have cost us tens of thousands of dollars and would have torn our family down to the ground.  Words cannot express."